Here’s the Bottom Line…

I was homeschooled. Just thought I’d throw that out there before you figure it out on your own.

Raised in a Christian home in the backyard of John Brown University, there was little chance that I would not attend a private Christian college after high school. I started my collegiate career in 2018 at Ouachita Baptist University with a major in Music Industry. Since then, I have added a minor in Business Administration. After graduation I plan to move to the Nashville area and begin working in the music business there.

Fall 2021


Business Law

Principals of Microeconomics

Entrepreneurial Finance

Principals of Marketing

Instrumental Conducting

Wind Ensemble


Honors Senior Thesis

Academic Tutoring

Church Sound Technician

Carl Goodson Honors Program

Music Library Worker

Let’s Get Deep, Shall We?

My Purpose

As a child of God and soldier of Christ, it is my mission to follow the example of Jesus and do the will of my heavenly Father. I believe in the wisdom and value of concepts such as integrity, family, laughter, humility, courage, freedom, discipline, forgiveness, good work and brotherhood.

Career Vision

Being a musician that is not creatively-motivated (oh the irony), I see myself doing the technical and analytical work of the business. I’m not a writer or a performer or a dreamer; I’m a thinker and a realist and a problem-solver. As long as I am doing my part backstage to keep the music industry spinning, I will thrive.

This Site

At its simplest this is a platform for me to write and archive my thoughts on life and the industry. It’s a site to put on resumes and social media for anyone that wants to learn more about me and how I see the world. I’m not here to argue or report or prove anything. Just to chronicle.

Quick Timeline

My life didn’t really “start” until high school. Up until then it was just homework, youth group, Boy Scouts, and lightsaber videos…

Classical Conversations and Stoa (see below) changed my life for the better. I met my two best friends through CC, developed an appreciation for various academic disciplines, and began a lifestyle of learning.

I did have to take Latin, though. That was rough . . .

As mentioned above, the other part of high school that significantly affected my character was my years competing in Stoa. Not only did it introduce me to socially-inept people like myself, but it gave me an amazing environment to develop intellectually, professionally, and spiritually.

My future children will be in Stoa. And no, they don’t have a say in the matter.

Then I became a Tiger 4 Life!

I came to Ouachita in the Fall of 2018 as a Music Industry major with zero friends. But my time socializing with other humans in CC and Stoa prepared me for this moment! Thanks to the cult family that is band, I quickly made friends through music, as well as honors and CORE classes.

Some of my favorite courses have been Bible Interpretation, World Literature, Principals of Accounting, Intro to the Music Industry, Intellectual Property and Copyright Law, and Music Theory.

Plot twist: I got married!

In August 2019, I married my best friend and high school sweetheart, Victoria. This is the part where the author acknowledges how his wife has supported him through all the “tough-times” and such . . . we’ve only be doing this a little while, so I’m going to use the present tense.

My amazing wife is supporting me during this very transitional and experimental time as we try to figure out what a post-Ouachita world will be like. She brings me such joy and comfort. I will never regret vowing my life and love to her.

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