Brief Bio

Born and raised in Siloam Springs, AR, I was blessed with an amazing family and community. I was homeschooled through high school and enjoyed activities such as boy scouts, band, youth group, and speech and debate. Besides thriving in my Classical Conversations homeschool curriculum, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, excelled in music, competed all over the nation in the Stoa speech and debate league, and began dating my future wife.

After high school, my desire for a music degree led me to Ouachita Baptist University. As a piano student with a major in Music Industry, I was planning to study as much music theory and composition as possible, with the intention of being a composer. During my 3rd year, I had a small epiphany about what I really wanted to do after college. I changed my target to the music business world, adding a minor in business administration. My wife and I will be moving to the middle Tennessee area after graduation.

Spring 2022


Electronic Spreadsheet Applications

History of Commercial Music

Senior Seminar

Philosophy Elective

The Contemporary World

Wind Ensemble


Honors Senior Thesis

Academic Tutoring

Church Sound Technician

Scholar’s Day Presentation

Music Library Worker


Let’s Get Deep, Shall We?

My Purpose

As a child of God and soldier of Christ, it is my mission to follow the example of Jesus and do the will of my heavenly Father. I believe in the wisdom and value of concepts such as integrity, family, laughter, humility, courage, freedom, discipline, forgiveness, good work and brotherhood.

Career Vision

Being a musician that is not creatively-motivated (oh the irony), I see myself doing the technical and analytical work of the business. I’m not a writer or a performer or a dreamer; I’m a thinker and a realist and a problem-solver. As long as I am doing my part backstage to keep the music industry spinning, I will thrive.

This Site

At its simplest this is a site to put on resumes and social media for anyone that wants to learn more about me. In the future, I may use it to post my thoughts on the music business and life in general. It’s not meant to be anything fancy. Just whatever I need it to be.

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